Friday, 24 September 2010

A Very Special Teddy Bear


On my fifth birthday, my grandma gave me a teddy bear. I promptly named him "Teddy," and from that moment on, he was my favorite stuffed toy. He slept with me every night and I even took him with me when I slept over at friends' houses. I talked to him when I was lonely, and I could often be seen cradling this very special teddy bear in my arms.

Many years later, as an adult, I finally gave in and boxed him up with a few other stuffed toys from my childhood. By then, he was dirty from years of being played with and loved and his fur was no longer fluffy, but it just gave him the look of a well-loved teddy bear.

Shortly after my fifth child, Gabriella, was born, I found Teddy as I was going through some old boxes of mine. I put him in her crib that night. To this day (Gabby is now 7 years old), Teddy is her favorite stuffed toy. He's still dirty and worn looking, but he is still loved immensely by a little girl.

As of my last birthday, assuming Teddy was made in the year he was bought and presented to me, Teddy was a 33 year old teddy bear.

From Gabriella's love for Teddy, I have come to two conclusions:

Like mother, like daughter!

That really is one very special teddy bear!

Do you have anything from your childhood that now belongs to your kids and is as special to them as it was to you?