Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Jars

Christmas Jar1

These jars are simple to make and are also a great way to recycle. All you need are some acrylic paints and some empty jars. Let your kids paint the jars any way they want to and then figure out what you want to fill the jars with to turn them into gifts. You can fill them with red and green m&m candies to give them extra festive appeal. Or you can make chocolate spoons to put in them. (I suggest tying a ribbon around the jar to make it even prettier.)

Here are some of the jars that my kids and their friends came up with. They wer elimited by the fact that my supply of acrylic paints was running out, so they didn't have a lot of colors to choose form.

Christmas Jar

Christmas Jar2

Christmas Jar3

Christmas Jar4

Christmas Jar5

Christmas Jar6

Christmas Jar7

Christmas Jar8

Examples of the jars with some ribbon and full of chocolate spoons:

Chocolate Spoons in a Christmas Jar

Chocolate Spoons in a Christmas Jar1

Chocolate Spoons in a Christmas Jar2

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