Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Favorite Child?

 (This photo was taken before my youngest was born.)

I am struggling to understand something. How is it that some parents with more than one child can have a favorite? How is that possible?

I can't imagine choosing one of my children to love more than any of the others. Each of my children is loved completely. They each have different things about them that I love, but I don't love any of them more or less than I love the others. I can't imagine a life with any one of them missing from it. There is room in my heart to love them all immensely. There is room in every mother's heart, if she's willing, to love all of her children just as completely. I find that I am incapable of  understanding how some mothers can love one child more than the other.

How can anyone compare their children to one another. Would you really want them to be alike? Each of my children has their own bright spark, that special something that makes them unique. I love their individuality. I love the fact that I can have a conversation about the same topic with each of them and have that conversation be completely different with each one.

I love all of my children with all of my heart, so I don't and can't understand the term "favorite child." What about you?


  1. I can't imagine loving one more than the other either.

    I have a Family Circus cartoon hanging on my wall. Mom is talking with another woman with all her kids hanging on her as usual. The other woman asks the mom, "how can you divide your love among all your kids?" Mom said, "I don't divide my love, I multiply it."

    This fits our family to a tee :)

    God's Blessings

  2. Aw, Vickie, I love that cartoon! And what a great way to answer the question!

  3. Even though I don't have kids, I can't imagine it either.